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Water-Powered Automobile - Reality or Hoax?

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  • Carl Baugh - Young Earth Creationist and proponent of the belief that men and dinosaurs lived together. Maker of such creationist claims such as the Fossilized Hammer and Giant Human Skeleton.
  • Young Earth Evidence - Popular Young Earth Claims and their rebuttals.
  • Cycling and Weight Lifting - Want to start an argument?  Go to a group of cyclists and ask whether a cyclist should train with weights or not.
  • Bodyweight Exercises - Exercises you can you do almost anywhere

Avian Bird Flu or Chicken Dance?

Unlocking the Mystery of Life
the Flagellum (bacterial motor) video

Often called the most researched and documented case for Intelligent Design, "Unlocking the Mystery of Life" features state-of-the-art computer animation to explain the origins of life via Intelligent Design.  It challenges Darwinian evolution with Irreducible Complexity.  The speakers are a who's who in the Intelligent Design movement, including Michael Behe.  You might be surprised at the conclusions.

Reviews of
Evolution, Creation, Intelligent Design Videos


Lessons Learned at a
Creation/Intelligent Design Video Series

How Old is the Earth?
Is the Earth billions of years old or only a few thousand years old?  This is at the core of many evolution vs. creation debates.  Both camps claim the evidence supports their side.  What evidence do they have and what does it actually say?

What is the
Christian Perspective
of the
Age of the Earth?

How are Rocks Dated?
Are these methods reliable?

Evolution, Creation Humor
Can the missing link be constructed from a funny bone?

Radiometric Dating (How old is that rock?)
How are rocks dated?  What about claims their methods aren't reliable?  How come rocks from recent lava flows date to millions of years old?

Grand Canyon/Mount St. Helens
Millions of years in the making, or evidence of a great flood?

Do Creation and Intelligent Design Belong in the Classroom?


The Fossil Record
Embarrassment or proof?
Fossil Hoaxes
How about a bucket of Piltdown Chicken?
Who's Who in the Origins Debate?  

Astrology in the Classroom?
Does Intelligent Design proponent Michael Behe think
astrology is a valid high school subject?  [click here]

More reviews of origins videos
The Privileged Planet - Do we live on a planet specially created for life?
Unlocking the Mystery of Life - What is Irreducible Complexity?
Mount St. Helens - Evidence for Catastrophe or fraud?
And More...

Miscellaneous Articles by EpicIdiot.com

The Devil is in the Numbers (13 Cards)
Essay on evolutionary probability (part 1)

The Devil is in the Numbers (65 Dice)
Essay on evolutionary probability (part 2)

Lessons from Cold Fusion or Beware of Science by Press Conference

Lessons learned when . . .
I attended a series of Intelligent Design/Creation videos

Miscellaneous Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design Sites

Creation Sites

Evolution sites

Books Online

Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design Discussion Groups

List of creationists claims and evolutionists responses


Evolution - The belief that living things evolved across long expanses of time.
See also Evolution Theory

Evolution Theory - The explanation for how evolution could have occurred.  Most biologists believe evolution to be a fact, however, there are different ideas about the details of how it occurred.
See also Evolution

Fine-Tuned Universe - The idea that because life and features of the Earth and Universe are so perfectly fitted together, they must have been intelligently created.
See Also 13 Cards, The Privileged Planet

Irreducible Complexity - A concept introduced by Michael Behe to show that certain biological systems could not evolve, and therefore needed an intelligent designer.  Behe defines it as:

By irreducibly complex I mean a single system composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning. (Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution p. 39) 

God of the Gaps - The use of supernatural intervention to explain what is not understood.  Example: Before seizures were understood, people believed they were caused by demonic possession.

Magical Invisible Blue Elephant (MIBE)- A highly improbable, but non-falsifiable, explanation for an event.  "I can't find my wallet.  A MIBE must have taken it."

Radiometric Dating - A method of determining the age of an object based on the decay of radioactive elements.  This is accepted as reasonably accurate by most geologists, however, YEC believe that it is not reliable.
See also Age of the Earth

Speciation - The evolution of biological species.
See also Observed Instances of Speciation

Theistic Evolution - The belief that evolution occurred, but was either initiated or directed by God.
See also www.crystalinks.com/creationism.html

Young Earth Creationism/Young Earth Creationist (YEC) - The belief that the Earth was created about 6,000 years ago in a span of six days as described in Genesis.  Some YECs believe that the Bible says the Universe was also created during this time, others believe the Bible says the Universe was created at an earlier date and that Genesis actually describes the re-creation of Earth.
See also Young Earth Evidence, www.crystalinks.com/creationism.html

What is the purpose of this site?

  • To present as many views and their corresponding opposing views as possible.
  • To give the best presentation of each view without using false, distorted, or misleading information (just the facts, ma'am).
  • To educate the reader so that they can cut through the large amounts of misinformation presented by both sides.
  • To enable  the reader to draw their own conclusions based on actual facts and data.

Will this site convince you one way or the other?  It's doubtful.  Some of the world's greatest minds have studied evolution and creation.  Some have come to believe that evolution is utter nonsense and others see it as solid and as well-proven as a theory can get.  Clearly the answer is not black and white.  While there is plenty of evidence both for and against evolution, I have yet to find the smoking gun that either proves or disproves it beyond all doubt.  The best you can hope is to learn and understand the facts, cut through the lies and nonsense, and form and educated opinion.  It is not the goal of this site to lead you to a particular destination, but merely to assist you in your journey.

Do I Agree With Everything on this Site?

In my effort to include all points of view, this site includes points of view that I don't agree with.  It also includes many links to opinions that I don't agree with.  If someone has an intelligent, fact-based point of view, I'll try to include it, regardless of whether I agree with it or not.  I include these links to provide all sides of the issue.  Some of these links contain misleading information.  My goal is to inform the reader so that they can spot the misinformation for themselves.  But in the end, you have to investigate and evaluate the information for yourself.  If you know of good rebuttals to information on this site, or sites it links to, please send them to epicidiot.com.

And while on the subject, I do not necessarily endorse the various advertised links and products.  Some of these ads are selected by other agencies and can change each time a page is loaded.  I neither have control over which ads are selected, nor even know what will come up.  If you see one that looks interesting, check it out and tell me what you think.  If you want to know my opinion on a product or link, read what I write about it, or send an e-mail asking about it.  I also list books that I think would be of interest to the reader, even if I don't agree with the author.  Some of my favorite books are ones that I don't agree with - but they make interesting reading.

What do I think about Evolution vs. Creation?
Why do you care what I believe?  What does it matter?  It makes no difference to me if you believe in evolution, creation, old Earth, or Young Earth.  My goal is just to present a balanced view of these issues, so that you can base your belief on the facts.  What conclusions you draw from those facts is solely up to you..  I'll try to include all sides of the debate and give each a fair shake.  If I know of a reasonable rebuttal to information presented, it will be included so that the reader can draw their own conclusions.  I find it frustrating to read information that is misleading, taken out of context, or simply  false.  Even if the author doesn't agree with the other point of view, if it's reasonable, they should include it and explain why they think it is wrong.  That's my goal here.  But I'm not perfect.  I will make mistakes, be misguided, and occasionally show my ignorance.  So, if you find information on this website that you think is wrong, out of context, misleading, or has a reasonable rebuttal that's not included, then please e-mail me about it.  But don't just tell me I'm a misguided idiot, explain why I'm a misguided idiot and don't forget to include references to any information cited.  The better the explanation, the more likely that your ideas will be included.  Also, send suggested links.

But, since you asked, go here >>>

Why am I doing this?
After I got involved in the Evolution/Creation/Intelligent Design debate, the first thing I noticed was how much misleading, out of context, and downright false information was out there.  Much of it by people who should know better.  I'm going to try to cut through the nonsense, show which information is false, which is just speculation, and which is actual factual data.  Much of the information on these topics is at best speculation based on the evidence.  There are some concrete facts, such as fossils (We know we have fossils), but what they tell us is hotly debated.  We know that radioisotopes decay, but can they be used for dating?  These are the types of questions that I hope this site will clarify.  The article Lessons Learned When I Attended a Series of Intelligent Design/Creation Videos is a good example of why I started this site.

Where's this project at now?
I know that this page looks likes it's heavily weighted in favor of evolution, but I'm just getting started.  I plan to add much more creation, Intelligent Design, and anti-evolution information.

Right now I'm primarily in the gathering together of other useful links phase.  I've written a couple of articles for topics that I was unable to find good links to and plan to write more.  I also plan to write a number of general overviews of the various topics.  These, hopefully, will be relatively unbiased (yeah, I know that's not possible, but I can try) and brief discussions of the major pro/anti views on various topics with links to more detailed information.


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